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Weatherboard Cladding

Weatherboard cladding not only adds serious kerb appeal and value to your property, it protects it from the elements and improves overall building performance, leaving you with a facade to be proud of. View our weatherboard cladding ranges below.

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Low-Maintenance Weatherboard Cladding

Inherently low maintenance, our weatherboard systems are available in a composite timber and aluminium. Our systems allow you to replicate the warmth and charm of timber cladding, but without the maintenance requirements associated with real timber cladding.

We offer realistic wood effect stains along with contemporary solid colours. Backed by lengthy warranties to give you piece of mind, our systems and engineered to last to give you an exterior to be proud of.

Composite Timber Weatherboard Cladding


Inspired by nature, Naturetech® is a brilliant choice for your home. More than just cladding, it is a beautiful, durable and low-maintenance finish.

Naturetech is available in 28 of today’s most contemporary colours, with a 15-year warranty on the paint finish and 25-year warranty on the substrate.

Made of 100% pre-consumer recycled wood, Naturetech® offers all the beauty, authenticity and warmth of timber cladding, engineered for exceptional strength and resistance, to keep your home beautiful for years to come.


Available primed or prefinished, Rangewood®  is ideal for any commercial or domestic, new build or refurbishment project, where external weatherboard is required.

Rangewood® is engineered from treated timber strands with an exterior resin binder, under intense heat and pressure. The woodgrain texture is embossed into the surface, providing continuity of definition and visible depth of grain. The final coat is water based applied to all visible surfaces.

Weatherboard Cladding
Weatherboard Cladding


WeatherTone® is a low maintenance composite timber cladding system. For over 30 years, WeatherTone® has enhanced the kerb appeal of residential homes and bestowed functional elegance on commercial buildings.

Available in realistic wood effect colours, WeatherTone® captures the warmth, durability and tradition of cedar cladding, but without the maintenance requirements.

Aluminium Weatherboard Cladding


High-performance Aluminium Weatherboard available in 3 different profiles to offer maximum project versatility.

VulcaLap®aluminium cladding exploits the superior performance of lightweight aluminium extrusions and is available in lengths up to 6.2m long.

VulcaLap® can be supplied Anodised or powder coated to any RAL colour or Wood finishes.

aluminium Weatherboard Cladding


What is Weatherboard Cladding?

Weatherboard cladding is a popular choice of external facade which not only increases thermal and sound insulation, but also protects your property from the elements, whilst improving its appearance at the same time.

What are the benefits of Weatherboard Cladding?

Installing cladding on your property provides many benefits, mainly improved appearance and energy efficiency. Popularity continues to increase amongst residential and commercial applications in the UK. Typically used for aesthetic purposes, weatherboard cladding also protects your property from weathering and increases thermal and sound insulation.

What are the different types of Weatherboard Cladding?

Available in a wide range of materials, weatherboard cladding is available in many different materials including; engineered composite timber, aluminium, fibre cement, PVC and natural timber. Weatherboard cladding can be supplied in a wide range of profiles to create desired effects including; lapboard, shiplap, vertical , featheredge, tongue and groove, waney edge, hit and miss, board and batten etc.  

How to Install Weatherboard Cladding?

Depending on the type of material selected, weatherboard cladding can be easily installed using standard carpentry tools. Composite timber systems tend to be the easiest to fit as they are dimensionally stable and interlock, which significantly reduces installation time.  Some materials, such as fibre cement will require specialist cutting tools, which can complicate fixing. Natural timber cladding also tends to be harder to work with, due to its unpredictable nature and inherent imperfections.   

Advantages over Real Timber Cladding

Real timber cladding has great visual appeal, however, most timber cladding systems require a strict maintenance regime to keep it looking good and to prevent it from decaying. It’s normal for timber cladding to turn ash grey within the first 6-12 months. Often, the weathering is uneven a leaves a less than appealing facade. This comes as a shock to many property owners who assume the natural colour would be retained. By using a composite timber cladding system you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get the warmth and charm of natural timber, you can be sure it won’t fade or rot, leaving you with an exterior you can rely on and be proud of, for years to come.

What our customers say

I can’t praise Vulcan highly enough for their help and support throughout our renovation project.
We were searching for a cladding material to replace and modernise the cladding on our 1970’s renovation project… We are delighted with the finished product and would recommend Vulcan to anyone looking for a cladding system.

– Harry Harrison (April 2019)

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