VulcaThermic insulated cladding panels


VulcaThermic™ panels are of sandwich construction (GRP, Plastisol, Aluminium and Trespa) with a Styrofoam insulation and bonded together to form a structural panel able to span large areas.

Face sizes: Up to a maximum 5000 x 1500mm, single or double-sided

Thicknesses: Any thickness, any ‘U’ value.

Weight: 1.8kg/m2 per mm thickness


GRP, Plastisol, Aluminium and Trespa.


VulcaThermic™ has an external coloured isophthalic gel coat (for good chemical and weather resistance) backed with polyester resin and special glass fibre reinforcement.

Performance data (Styrofoam core)

  • Good compressive strength 300KN/m2
  • Thermal conductivity ‘K’ value 0.027 W/mK
  • Low water absorption 0.2%
  • Self extinguishing BS 3837: Part A
  • Hot wire cut to thickness required +/– 0.5mm


Panels are glazed in the same manner as double glazing units, using glazing blocks, distance pieces, non setting mastic, glazing beads and studs.


Panels should be washed with warm soapy water when dirty. No other maintenance is required.


Panel integrity with no significant colour change for 10 years, subject to correct installation, and manufacturers’ recommendations.