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A2 Fire Rated Façade Screen System

Recent changes surrounding fire specifications on public and private housing have lead to an increase in demand for aluminium to replace condemned cladding on high-rise buildings.

VulcaBar® is A2 fire rated, made from easily-assembled, secretly-fixed extrusions – perfect for timber replacement and new developments.

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A2 Fire Rated Façade Screen System

We have supplied several timber replacement projects throughout the UK. We are uniquely positioned to partner with architects and main contractors to achieve project success. Our technical team can provide practical solutions to suit the demands of any cladding project.

Do you offer bespoke sections to match exisiting profiles?

Yes. Our in-house CAD technicians can match existing timber profiles which are in need of replacement. Our range of 11 premium wood finishes offers a wide choice of design possibilities. 

Do you do installation?

No, we are supply only. We work closely with Architects, Main Contractors and Site Fixers to ensure project success. Our technical know-how and creative vision allow us to contribute innovative cladding solutions. 

Is VulcaBar® Fire Rated?

Yes, our VulcaBar® is A2 fire rated. Reaction to fire classification: A2 – s1, d0.

What warranty do you offer?

Our powder-coated finishes are warranted for 10 years – no fade!

Recent Projects

Due to recent changes in building regulations, many housing associations are faced with challenges surrounding timber cladding replacement. High-rise dwellings now require fire rating on all external wall materials of A1 or A2 classification. Timber and other cladding less than A2 present a fire risk. Here are some recent wood finish projects which we have supplied to ensure buildings meet current regulations.

Timber Balustrade and Cladding Replacement

VulcaBar® Façade Screen System in ‘Rosewood’ finish provided a like-for-like timber replacement with A2 fire rating. This project eliminated the risk of fire whilst giving the property a modern low maintenance finish. The residents are impressed with the system as the existing timber had greyed and weathered unevenly in very few years.

Timber Cladding Replacement

The existing timber planks on this building failed to meet the required fire performance for high-rise dwellings. VulcaLap® T&G 125mm aluminium profile in ‘Western Red Cedar’ was selected for replacement due to its traditional timber appearance, low-maintenance qualities and superior product performance.

Timber Cladding New Build

Council property managers required a low-maintenance alternative to real timber on new builds next door to an existing timber-clad estate. VulcaLap® T&G 150mm aluminium profile in ‘Dark Oak’ provided peace of mind for the residents. It will also prove a good replacement for the estate next door!

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