Internal Cladding Panels

VOX Kerradeco

internal cladding panels
vox kerradeco panels
vox cladding panels

VOX Kerradeco is a high quality solid internal wall cladding panel. These solid internal cladding panels are perfect for DIY enthusiasts – they can transform a room within minutes and are super easy to install.

Whether you clad the whole room or just a feature wall, VOX Kerradeco is cost effective alternative to traditional tiling. No previous experience necessary. It is durable, non-flammable, increases acoustic insulation of a room and it has a 10 year warranty. A wide range of patterns and surface structures makes designing beautiful and durable solutions for every type of interior.

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Suitable Applications

Quick installation limits renovation time & costs which makes VOX Kerradeco the smart solution for Hotels, Restaurants, Bathrooms, Hospitals, Receptions, Homeowners, Leisure and Retail. Simply use clear adhesive to fix interlocking panels to the wall. No need for grouting and wet trades.

How to Install VOX Kerradeco

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