CanExel Cladding

CanExel composite cladding


CanExel is a composite timber cladding system which provides the look and feel of real timber without the installation and maintenance problems associated with real wood. It is stable and colourfast – a truly modern construction material. Planks are 3660mm long (12’), available in up to 17 colour options in 4 styles.

  • Ridgewood D-5
  • UltraPlank
  • Ced’R-Vue 9” Lapboard
  • Ced’R-Vue 6” Lapboard (while stocks last)


CanExel is ideal for any commercial or domestic new build or refurbishment project:

  • modular buildings, park homes or garden offices
  • overcladding and lightweight rainscreen
  • conservation areas to give traditional appeal

Key features

  • no fading, mellowing or darkening with the sunlight
  • consistent and well defined cedar woodgrain
  • 20 standard colours including 2-tone wood colours
  • the appearance of solid wood without knots, voids or imperfections
  • full range of colour matched trims and accessories
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • strong and dimensionally stable – will not crack, dent, split or warp.


CanExel® is made from premium cedar and maple fibres (using the entire tree), and combined with a 1.5% mix of resin, wax and alum, and compressed under extreme heat and pressure. The surface treatment consists of 5 separate coats of acrylic paint (environmentally safe water-based formula) baked on at high temperature.

Site Storage

CanExel® is engineered timber and therefore must be stored correctly on site: Immediately upon delivery the pallet must be placed in a sheltered and ventilated area out of direct sunlight. All polythene wrapping must be removed.


CanExel is easy to fit, using ordinary carpenters’ tools. Battening and breathable membranes must be used, providing a fully ventilated cavity, allowing the cladding and the building to breathe. See here for installation instructions Vulcan can assist with any unusual details or any other advice. The beauty of the system is… no site painting and no re-painting.


CanExel requires only a twice yearly wash should be carried out using warm water and mild household detergent, followed by a rinse with clean water.


CanExel offer a 5 year 100% labour and materials warranty; limited 10 year warranty on the factory paint finish & substrate, subject to correct installation and cleaning. For full CanExel® warranty information please contact Vulcan sales office.

Need inspiration? Check out CanExel’s handy visualiser tool here

CanExel Colour Range
Canexel cladding colours
CanExel Cladding
CanExel Trims and Accessories
CanExel Ridgewood D-5
CanExel Ced'R-Vue 9" Lapboard profile
CanExel UltraPlank Profile